Sunday, October 25, 2009

Let's do this again sometime, Fall

This picture was taken by Raya at El Retiro when she came to visit me two weeks ago. Fall was in full swing and the trees were ablaze in orange and red.

Come to Madrid in the fall. Trust me, it's perfect.


About my health, I'm still alive! I'm feeling so much better but I haven't left my apartment in three days. I can't wait to go outside.

While you're here, I think you should go read Destined to Design and La Bonne Merde. I went to middle school AND high school with Jessica (Destined to Design) and she's always had a great eye for detail. She's a designer now, which makes perfect sense.

Cara (La Bonne Merde) is teaching English in France. We met as interns at LA Magazine where we took long lunches and talked and worried about writing for a living. She's kind of crazy. I like her.

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