Thursday, August 20, 2009


As of Sunday morning, I have a place to live in Madrid! It's the Chamberi apartment I was considering in the first place (funny how things work out that way). My roommate offered to pick me up at the airport, which warms the cockles of my heart, considering we have no idea what we look like. Maybe she can hold up a sign like they do in the movies. Or I can wear something outrageously bright, like my yellow coat that makes me look like the Morton salt girl. I need to give this some more thought, you know, explore my options.

While I was apartment searching, I remembered what happened to a friend of mine and her traveling companion when they went backpacking across Europe a couple of summers ago. All was going well until they ran out of money in France. The two of them were too proud to call home or contact friends so they spent the night in a train station... and slept on the floor. My friend said it was so cold that night that she cuddled up with the homeless man sleeping next to her.

I remember thinking then, man, that's so badass. But that romanticized notion of traveling can be dangerous, especially if you're traveling alone. So I'm extremely relieved that when I arrive, I'll have a place to stay. A roof over my head and indoor plumbing is all I need. Who says Angelenos are high maintenance?

(photo via Unicornology)


  1. good for you! i've never been to Madrid, but i know it's a gorgeous place! have fun.

  2. I am happy you found a roof!!! eager to read your stories!!!


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