Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The hardest part

It's my last night in LA and I'm having trouble saying goodbye. My co-workers saw me off with a potluck on Friday and as much as I told myself to keep it together, I kept doing this whenever someone hugged me or so much as looked in my direction:

It was my first job and it was a great one. I never felt like an employee, but more like a college kid who was adopted by a fun (and at times, wacky) family. I'm going to miss talking with my boss about anything and his coffee mug filled with chocolate. I learned so much from my co-workers and I think it will be hard to find another workplace that is just as creative and nurturing. I was lucky.


I've been so busy packing and making sure I don't forget anything that I haven't had time to sit down and breathe. These last days have been a blur.

Nancy and Karol came over last night with a journal (which I'm not allowed to read until I'm in seat 24A) filled with goodbyes and remember whens, or so I was told. (I haven't peeked, you guys!)

Climbing over suitcases, with my hair up in a messy bun and wearing mismatching pajamas, I looked exactly like someone who's moving to another country in less than 48 hours. They didn't care. They just wanted to see me for five minutes.


We're finally a complete family again and I'm leaving. Gathered at the dinner table, I scan their faces, with my heart in my throat. I'm afraid of what I'll miss while I'm gone.

We practice Skyping from different rooms and make funny faces. I think, this will make it better. It will be fine.

But then it's time to hang up and I'm not so sure.

(photo via Melecwi)

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